Online-Counselling, Tele-therapie

As a doctor and psychotherapist, I am pleased that I can offer my patients alternative or supplementary to the care in the office in Bad Aussee/Austria my counselling and therapies online - after consultation, initial discussions, a first consultation and ongoing therapies online via Skype, WhatsApp or others Online channels are held.


How the therapy of psychic imbalances and illnesses is shaped and how many sessions in which interval are useful/necessary, is individually very different and depends on the type and extent of the complaints/illness, their cause(s), any accompanying illnesses, the personal circumstances, ideas and possibilities of the patient and other individual factors.


In some cases, a few brief interventions may be sufficient, in others, multi-session therapy or longer treatment.


In today's fast-moving time and society, apart from everyday professional, private and other tasks, it can be an additional challenge to go to the doctor/therapist as part of a therapy (regularly).

Be it because you are under time pressure, the journey is too long or appointments would fit well only in the morning before or in the evening after work, which in turn may be associated with other circumstances.

Through online channels, I am also able to provide personal care to patients who live outside the region or abroad(any time-zone), who travel regularly, who are under time pressure or for other reasons can not come into the office.


In terms such as "talk therapy" or "psychotherapy" many people probably still have the classic image of a couch or a therapy chair in mind... a setting that is no longer the only possibility in this day and age.


As a doctor and psychotherapist, it is important to me to create a conversation and therapy setting in which the patients feel well, save and in good hands. And in this context, it also plays an important role, that in the context of a therapy is not regularly confronted with geographical and/or temporal hurdles.


Through online therapies and channels such as Skype and WhatsApp, I can personally look after those patients who are unable to come to the clinic due to geographical and/or temporal factors or other circumstances.


For further information and questions about online counselling and online therapy / teletherapy, I am glad to hear from you.