Depression is a mental and psychic disorder characterised by lack of interest,  joylessness and listlessness. 


In addition, various other symptoms such as decreased concentration and attention, decreased self-esteem and self-confidence, feelings of guilt, feelings of hopelessness, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, loss of libido and other symptoms (mental and physical) may occur. 


How a depressive illness expresses exactly is individually very different. 


In contrast to an upset and a phase of depression, joylessness or inner exhaustion, which are not uncommon in every human life and are quite normal responses to certain situations or events, depressions need not to have an external reason and no externally obvious causes, which adds to the illness often something very unclear and inexplicable for those affected and their relatives. 


The causes are mostly diverse, often a combination of various factors (e.g. hereditary bias, certain life events and circumstances, social circumstances, mental injuries, beliefs, belief-systems etc.) that lead to the development of depression. 


It is a common and serious condition that is usually treatable with currently available treatment approaches and measures. 


The therapy of depression usually consists in a psychotherapy that can be combined with a drug treatment. 


In addition, various other treatment approaches and measures can be used (e.g. dream-, respiratory- and body- work, nutritional adjustment and other lifestyle-modifying measures, etc.). 


The precise nature of the treatment always depends on the type and severity of the depression, the possible underlying causes, the individual circumstances and other factors to be concidered. 


As with other illnesses, depression also means that the earlier the disease is treated, the better are the prospects. 


People who are affected for a long time by feelings such as deep sadness, depression, inner fatigue, lack of interest, joy and lack of motivation often shy away from seeking professional support. 


Be it because it is "only" about feelings and sentiences, because it is difficult to talk about it, out of shame and fear of exclusion or other reasons. 


Depression and other diseases of the psyche are illnesses and medical problems like others - after a comprehensive medical history and examination, and after having made a well-established diagnosis, I will advise you on possible treatment options, so that together we can make a therapy decision that suits you best, your needs, circumstances and options are matched. 


Teletherapy, Online Therapy, Online Care 


Initial discussions and ongoing therapies can also be made online via Skype, WhatsApp and other online channels. In this way, it is possible for me to also personally care for patients who live outside the region or abroad, who travel regularly or for other reasons can not come to the practice. 


If you have any questions or for further information, I am happy to be there for you personally either by phone or email.