As a doctor and psychotherapist, I have been supporting my patients for many years in the management of post-traumatic stress disorder, life crises and other stressful conditions or events.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychic illness that occurs as a result of psychic trauma.


This can be triggered by a short- or long- lasting onerous event or multiple events.

The respective threat or the respective event triggering the trauma does not necessarily have to concern the own person (the person affected by the PTSD need not have been the victim himself ), it may also have been "only" observed (e.g. as a witness of acts of violence or an accident).


Possible events and experiences that may underlie a post-traumatic stress disorder are, for example, the experience of physical and psychological violence, sexual abuse, the diagnosis of a serious illness, war, captivity, torture, natural disasters, accidents and the like.


Post-traumatic stress disorder may vary from one person to another, causing various psychic and psychosomatic symptoms, including: indifference, emotional blunting, avoidance behavior in situations that may be reminiscent of the particular trauma, social and emotional retreat, nightmares, flashbacks, sleep disorders, irritability, difficulty concentrating, excessive dreadfulness, and so on.

Certain impressions or stimuli that are reminiscent of the trauma can also cause certain physical symptoms such as tremors, palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea and similar states. Untreated post-traumatic stress disorder can also lead to the development of various other sever diseases and problems.


The therapy is created after a comprehensive medical history and examination and after a precisely worked out diagnosis together and usually comprises several coordinated components and approaches (e.g. relaxation procedures, talk therapy, psychotherapeutic procedures, dream-, respiratory- and body- work, drug therapy, among others ).

With an individually tailored overall treatment concept, it is possible to process traumas step by step, to gain control over unwanted memories, to accompany accompanying symptoms

such as -> to treat anxiety, depressive mood, sleep disorders and concentration disorders, to rediscover and revive inner resources, to strengthen one's identity and to integrate the trauma as part of the life’s story.


Teletherapy, Online Therapy, Online Care


Initial discussions and ongoing therapies can also be made online via Skype, WhatsApp and other online channels. In this way, it is possible for me to also personally care for patients who live outside the region or abroad, who travel regularly or for other reasons can not come to the practice.


For further information and questions, I am happy to be there for you personally either by phone, email or Skype.